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According to New Huobi Research, these Two Countries have the “Most Advanced” Cryptocurrency Markets

Despite only being used by 13.7% of Americans, with Bitcoin being down $17,215, cryptocurrencies produce the highest exchange volume.


The United States will have the most “mature” cryptocurrency market in 2022, according to the most recent data provided by exchange Huobi.


The leaders may come as a surprise despite the sharp declines in the price of Bitcoin and altcoins this year. Interest worldwide is still “very active.”


According to Huobi Research, a subsidiary of Huobi Global, 9.2% of the world’s centralized exchange volume is generated in the United States. The percentage is much more significant for DeFi, at 31.8% of global books.


However, compared to some other countries, fewer people in this country use cryptocurrencies. According to the survey, only 13.7% of Americans use cryptocurrency, compared to 20.3% in Vietnam, the leading user among the 15 nations studied.


Overall, the United States outperformed all other countries and received the highest adjusted score for “crypto market maturity.” Vietnam is ranked second on the list, scoring 35 instead of the United States 91.9.


Nevertheless, Huobi identifies Vietnam with the “highest acceptance rate in cryptocurrency” and South Korea and Japan as having “very active” crypto trading scenes.


China (5.9), Singapore (9.5), and South Korea (14.5) are at the other end of the spectrum, representing the least mature countries.


Given the rate of legislative expansion and the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a technology, Singapore stands out in its position.


The paper concedes that the regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies remains precarious in the wake of the FTX affair.


Despite this, it claims that the Terra LUNA fiasco and Three Arrows Capital collapse are the more critical crypto disasters of the year, not FTX.

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