Bybit Will Be Hosting OpenBlox’s Native OBX Token

In recent news, it is reported that Bybit, the emerging cryptocurrency, will host an exchange offering for OBX. This exchange will be accessible through the Bybit launchpad 2.0, freshly introduced in the markets. 


This is yet another tide that upgrades the potential and position of Bybit’s company. The OpenBox gaming system has a native token called the OBX, and this token is earned and used on different gaming platforms. To know what OpenBlox is it operates on a Web 3 program and is an NFT gaming platform that is also EVM-based. The operation primarily focuses on the IP branding as well as the move-and-play mindset. 


Due to its successful branding plans, it grabbed the attention of various investors, including Yusaku Maezawa, who invested in the Web3-inspired program as his first project. The application is built by gamers for gamers, and since there is no other audience, they have gathered a passionate community for themselves. 


Although the game is still in beta testing phases, it has been making some progress with its working and glitches.


RunBlox was created when OpenBlox had shut a $4 million seed and private round. The game has been getting exposure in Japan and Korea, as the Asia-Pacific district has become the essential partner of OpenBlox clients. Bybit Launchpad 2.0 gives clients early admittance to probably the most sought-after crypto tokens in the space.

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