2022-08-29 21:00:00

Chill Cowboy Country Club (CCCC) NFTS Brings Country Music to Web3

Brian Kelley and his wife Brittney Kelley have created the CCCC  NFT series for country music enthusiasts. The exclusive NFT set of 6000 contains some nifty features and may be purchased on their website.



While Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley isn’t the first country singer to join the NFT market (Parker McCallum debuted a fans NFT series in December the year before), his eyes are set bigger.



Brian and Brittney Kelley feel they are doing something unique compared to prior country music NFT compilations.




Brittney Kelley discussed attracting like-minded individuals, saying it’s about integrating the followers into a collective community. Supporters are somewhat walled in their favorite artist fan groups. In her opinion, this would be among the first clubs that bring everyone together as a collective — not just supporters, songwriters, music world personnel, and creatives — in this community.



The community will have academic and entertaining features and serve as a safe area for people to discover about Web3.



The program’s creators describe it as “the ideal country music society for country aficionados.” The CCCC was constructed on the Ethereum network and comprised 6000 distinct NFT cowboys and cowgirls produced with over 260 attributes. Artist Benedict Aiteobhor created the collection.



Even though the NFT marketplace is still in a slump during this crypto winter, many fresh and intriguing initiatives are being launched. If CCCC works as planned, these NFTs will provide owners with years of thrilling benefits.





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