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Exclusive: NFT Project Ikon-1 Fulfills Nick Knight’s Multiverse Vision

The webpage for the defunct exchange, Genesis Block, still provides instructions on how to purchase FTT via its extensive ATM network, which includes 29 sites throughout Hong Kong as well as six in Taiwan.


Around 8,000 particularly special rare and valuable NFTs, created in accordance with the ERC-721 benchmark for helping create nonfungible tokens, will be put on sale at the start of the month at ikon-1.com after he taunted his collaborative efforts with the design concept and Instagram celebrity Jazzelle Zanaughtti, commonly known by her social networking sites handle Uglyworldwide, in a press conference with WWD during the summer.


Once issued, every ikon-1 token will come with a homepage featuring extended thoughts and opinions of the NFTs. This page will serve as a ticket to gain entry in Knight’s upcoming projects and keeps dropping as well as the virtual ShowStudio.


The very first initiative following the ikon-1 debut will be an exclusive NFT-only fully interactive live fashion photoshoot.


“If you have been fortunate enough to own one of them, I will then be taking photographs and going to generate photos of your Non-Fungible Tokens,” he decided to continue. “Zanaughtti will be planning to wear a portion of the Non-Fungible Tokens.”


“I distinctly remember that they stripped away their eyebrows. They were working with a regional casting agent in Chicago at the moment, and they were told: “Oh, you’ve stripped away your eyebrows. You won’t ever again have a job. You have recently been reprimanded by his company. The solution from Zanaughtti was to actually completely shave off their heads and move operations to New York,” Knight recalled.


Knight as well as Zanaughtti personally selected more than 40 contributing factors to create these ikon-1 pieces of art. A few of them, such as Scarlett Yang, Tribute Brand, Linxi Zhu, and Nusi Quero, are highly skilled in designing digital clothes and shoes.

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