2022-11-13 09:00:00

FXS Faces Hack, Experience Mysterious Losses Totaling Over $600m

FTX representatives appeared to confirm Telegram rumors of a hack by advising customers to delete their FTX apps and stay away from its website.


Late on Friday, more than $600 million in cryptocurrency vanished from the wallets of the defunct cryptocurrency corporation FTX, with no apparent given reason. 


Soon after, FTX announced that it had been hacked in its official Telegram channel and advised users not to install any new updates and to delete all FTX apps.


FTX has been compromised. FTX apps include viruses, take them out. The chat window is open. Please don’t visit the FTX website since it could download Trojans, a chat administrator in the FTX Support channel said. Ryne Miller, general counsel for FTX, posted the statement.


Various Ethereum tokens, as well as the Solana and Binance Smart Chain tokens, have left FTX’s official wallets and transferred to decentralized exchanges like 1inch, according to on-chain statistics. It appears that both FTX and FTX US are impacted.


At a previous point in the evening, Miller tweeted that he was “investigating irregularities with wallet movements connected to aggregation of fix balances across exchanges.”


The transfers occurred the same day FTX formally filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after allegedly losing billions of dollars in user payments. The transfers have yet to be officially acknowledged by FTX leadership.


Numerous owners of FTX wallets have also reported seeing $0 balances in their FTX.com and FTX US wallets. This can be due to the FTX API being unavailable.


Members of the cryptocurrency community on Twitter started to gamble that the Losses could have been cooperated by a member of the inner circle of Bankman-Fried, pointing out that the immediate and classy hacks of FTX and FTX US are suggesting a potential inside job. On Friday night, Twitter sleuth ZachXBT tweeted that many former FTX workers confirmed that they didn’t recognize those transfers.



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