Harmony Attacked By Crypto hackers – $100 Million Stolen

According to reports, a blockchain company called Harmony lost about $100 million in the past few hours amid a massive hack. The crypto firm was attacked by a group of hackers that have their operations based in the United States.


With the increasing interest and curiosity regarding the value of cryptocurrencies, especially in the United States, there have been clear increases in cases of hacking and theft in various companies, and they continue to grow as the number of crypto companies increases with rising inflations. 


Speaking of crypto thefts, just one year’s results suggest that there have been more than 100 thefts that were reported in 2022 alone. The total estimated amount stolen is over a billion, and they are still being investigated. These cases are mostly assigned to bigger-scale agencies like the FBI.


Harmony, another blockchain network company, recently used the famous social media platform Twitter to announce that it had been attacked by hackers on Thursday through alternate connections to move crypto into their possession.


Regardless, they said that they were making all the efforts necessary to gain back the loss and find out the people responsible for the perjury. But Harmony is also now officially a part of the list of companies that lost crypto funds due to hacking. 


Crypto losses exceed the value of a billion dollars, according to Elliptic, the blockchain network analysis provider. They also reportedly said that theft has increased as technology advances globally.


To further explain, they said that crypto bridges are used to properly execute their hacking and are a successful way to do it until a limitation is imposed. Crypto operations are intercepted through a program with the help of alternate connections towards the wallets of hackers. 



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