NFTs and vivid East-meets-West paintings in the Harmless Charm exhibition presented by a Japanese artist

Tomokazu Matsuyama was first wary of NFTs, but he has embraced the technology in his Harmless Charm show at Sotheby’s. The New York-based artist is known for his meticulous, highly detailed paintings referencing the Japanese and American influences he grew up with. He wasn’t sure how selling digital artworks as non-fungible tokens would fit into his approach.



Tomokazu Matsuyamastruggled to overcome his misgivings about the NFT fever that swept the nation last year. His unusual and colorful style combines Asian and Western elements in paintings, projections, and NFTs. “Great work is essentially about communication,” the artist expressed in Hong Kong, where he recently announced his NFTs debut in collaboration with auction house Sotheby’s. Viewers may engage with his art in a new way thanks to the digital
sphere and he observes how non-physical realms are increasingly influencing our physical reality.



Finally, after understanding more about Web3 and the metaverse, two new phenomena based on the blockchain technology powering NFTs, he decided to leap. The first is a decentralized form of the internet. In contrast, the second is a network of virtual worlds in which individuals may immerse themselves and communicate with one another using identities they construct.




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