2022-07-18 10:00:00

The alleged Bitfinex Bitcoin money embezzler has been given authorization to ‘interact in lawful employment.’

Heather Morgan, another of the alleged Bitfinex fraudsters, will be able to work in a regular job after a court allowed the former Forbes tech author work authorization while her judicial case is pending.


Morgan and her husband were subsequently arrested this year, and the btc stolen in the 2016 Bitfinex heist was worth $4.5 billion at the time.



According to a Bloomberg document this week, a federal court has granted Morgan work permits during her pre-trial release.



The judge ruling over Morgan’s case has granted him the right to seek “lawful employment.”



Because the hackers sought secret keys, it is presumed that the Bitfinex attackers had direct exposure to the Bitfinex network for weeks before the virtual currency investments were thieved.



The Bitfinex incident was a secret for nearly 6 years, or until 5 months ago, and onchain investigators observing the robbed coins supervised the stockpile for blockchain motions.



While Morgan has been approved to seek “lawful employment,” she and Lichtenstein’s implicit tale has received a lot of attention in the last 5 months.



Media streaming company Netflix, for example, announced almost instantly after the couple’s arrest that it had “ordered a docuseries about a wedded couple’s purported plan to defraud enormous amounts of looted cryptos in the largest criminal financial fraud case ever.”




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