2022-12-06 10:00:00

The Launch of World Cup Nfts with Coca-Cola Boosts Crypto.Com’s CRO

The CRO token on Crypto.com is rising in value on Monday as a result of the news that the exchange is collaborating with Coca-Cola to introduce several non-fungible passes NFT honoring the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.


CRO increased by as much as 10% after the news announcement went public, and although it had decreased to an advance of 8.5% at the time of publication, it still ranks among the top digital assets for the day.


However, due to the collapse of the cryptocurrency markets caused by FTX, CRO has remained around 50% lower for the past month. CRO is down about 90% compared to last year.


10,000 NFTs made by Coca-Cola and digital artist will be hosted on the blockchain by Crypto.com, according to the company.


The NFTs were created by monitoring player movements throughout the Qatar World Cup games using so-called “heatmaps.”


After creating an account on the Crypto.com NFT platform, fans can purchase the NFTs. Fans can sign up on Coca-fan zone Cola’s website to win a Coca-Cola “Spark of Miracles” NFT.


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