‘We’re Poor Again, but We’re Still Here’: Why NFT.NYC Won’t Die

Protesters carried lit picket placards as they marched along Grand Street on a busy Monday afternoon in Manhattan’s SoHo area.



Twitter users shared a video of the Westboro Baptist Church-style demonstration around. Even yet, ultimately, many understood it was a ruse to promote a brand-new non-fungible token (NFT) mint before NFT. The next week, the industry’s premier convention would be held in New York City.



Some of the signs said, “God hates NFTs.” Another person added, “Vitalik is the anti-Christ.” “Anti-MetaMasker.”



The NFT program was nevertheless dedicated to continuing. People had purchased flight tickets, locations secured, and open bars established. Regardless of the price of cryptocurrencies, most guests anticipated continuing their good times from last November, perhaps partaking in one more party week before the forthcoming BUIDL season.



The underlying asset of most of the NFT business, ether (ETH), contributed to the uncertainty of the previous week as well, crashing in price last week to as low as $1,000, making most NFT holders a lot poorer than they were during the last NFT.NYC, when ETH hit its all-time high price of $4,812. It’s commonly known that the programming at NFT conferences has worsened while the parties have improved over the past year.



“The programming this year sucks, the panelists have no idea what they’re talking about, I’m never coming back,” one attendee was overheard saying to another in line for an after-party. “There are panels?” the other responded.



But NFT.NYC this year pushed it further, with 1,500 speakers slated as the conference motif. The problem is that there aren’t 1,500 people on the planet who are worth listening to discuss NFT; some would argue that such a list doesn’t even exist.



Attendance was as expected. The dissonance between the industry’s participants and promotional underpinnings loomed larger than normal.


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